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Compilatie van een overzichtsbeeld van de conferentie en gastspreker Dr. John D. Halamka

China Bio-industry Convention starts in Guangzhou, 12 joint projects signed

dinsdag, 04 juli 2017

The 10th China Bio-industry Convention, the nation’s highest-level conference in the field, kicked off in Baiyun International Convention Center of Guangzhou on July 3. The day also sees the opening of the 1st Guangzhou International BioForum.

“Following President Xi’s instruction, Guangdong is implementing the innovation-driven strategy and focusing on industrial upgrading,” said Hu Chunhua, Secretary of CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee, “the China Bio-industry Convention sees a gathering of global experts and entrepreneurs in Guangzhou, providing Guangdong with a chance to cooperate with global enterprises and institutes in the field of bio-medicine.”

Ma Xingrui, Governor of Guangdong Province, said bio-industry is the key industry that the province is developing. “Guangdong will carry out more supportive policies to attract technologies, investment and talents. The output of the bio-industry in Guangdong is expected to exceed 500 billion yuan by 2020,”  he said.

During the forum, over 10 world renowned academicians, hundreds of experts and entrepreneurs will give a presentation on their work.

“I see great potential for international cooperation in the health care industry,” said Dr. John D. Halamka, Professor at Harvard Medical School, “because a common goal exists in various countries, that is, to deliver health care at a lower cost.”

Dr. Halamaka brought up cases to show how mobile apps are used for customized health care and data collection. “These apps help patients keep monitoring their health situations and the progress of their treatment. While they also acts like WeChat to connect patients with doctors, nurses, clinics as well as social workers.”

Dr. Halamka also seizes an opportunity to cooperate with the local institute in Guangdong. As the representative of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Dr. Halamka signed the Guangzhou Harvard Innovation Academy Project with Guagzhou Development District and Guangdong Nanshan Biomedical Research.

Including Dr. Halamka’s project, a total number of 12 joint projects were signed with Guangzhou’s Development District during the forum.

To boost the development of Bio-industry in Guangzhou, a bio-industrial alliance, a 10-billion-yuan investment fund and a fund management company for the emerging industries are officially launched today. Wen Guohui, Mayor of Guangzhou as well as officers in the city government and entrepreneurs in the industry attend the launching ceremony.

Besides, 16 discussions are held during forum, covering topical issues in the field as policies, genetic technology, precision medicine, biomaterial, industrial investment and etc., and encourage brainstorming between global experts and professional visitors.

About the picture:

  • (on the left) The 10th China Bio-industry Convention, the nation’s highest-level conference in the field, kicked off in Baiyun International Convention Center of Guangzhou on July 3, 2017. Photo provided to
  • (on the right) Dr. Halamka during his presentation.

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